Frequently asked questions

1)Do I have to do anything?
Yes. To make this a success, you will have to learn how to use the ProWager program.. But it is very simple, and we will show you how best to use it. The knowledge you gain through this will never be lost. Even if you decide the Prowager is not for you, the knowledge you obtain about betting will never be lost, and will help you in the future.

2)How many hours per week?
Up to you entirely. Part time or fulltime. You can start of with a few hours each week and, and build up. There is no pressure. Do it at your own pace, with your own bank..

3)How much do I need? What starting bank?.
There is no set amount, and you need not put it all up front,but to make it worth your while, and to put a reasonable value on your time, I would suggest around $5,000.

4)Do you provide a staking plan?
A staking plan is a personal, but very important part of any betting system. We would suggests based on our own history around 2,5%- 5%. of your available bank. This can be reviewed monthly quarterly, half yearly. or even yearly. Like any business, flexibility is a big advantage.

5)If it so good, why are you selling it.
The Prowager program was developed for all users, and was developed for the purpose of selling and to be used by many. Prowager was developed with today's and future technology in mind. The software has been modified to use with all the TAB's new betting types and options now available. This software has been used by professionals for years, and we are now making it available to internet user. We use it ourselves, but that doesn't stop other people from also using it. It does not pick the winners. It does not have an opinion. It is base on value and mathematical formulas.

6)Will I have a lot of bets.?
By using our Prowager software, and by using the knowledge gained through our free tutorial, you will have the knowledge when to bet and when not to bet. This will increase your percentage of profit over time. How many bets is still up to the individual based on whether you want to do it part time or fulltime. If you are like most, you will have so much fun, and making money, that the time spent using it will increase fairly quickly.

7)Is it easy.?
It is very simple to use. However, you can follow the steps we have supplied to help with the process. We also have an online service if you need any help. Most can learn to use it within an hour. It is designed to be very user friendly.

8)Can I use it anywhere.?
That the great advantage. Anywhere, any state, any country as long as the TAB bet on them and you have a TAB account.

9)What if I don't know a thing about horseracing?
This is for the person who wants to take advantage of what the internet can do. To use today's technology to earn extra money and even go full time. You don't have to know anything about horse racing, but you do have to have the passion about wanting to succeed.

10)Are there any Guarantees.?
We offer the best guarantee of all time. Try it before you even spend one dollar. Try it for 14 days It will not suit everybody, but for those it does, it could be the start of something unbelievable, and things you thought were never possible. Not just financially, but enjoyment and lifestyle. You have nothing to lose in researching this opportunity..